AYE 2017 Initial Lineup Announcement

Grasshopper Juice Records proudly presents Adjust Your Eyes Music & Art Festival 2017.  This year’s fest will once again take place in Cincinnati, Ohio’s beautiful Northside neighborhood on July 28 through July 30 at Northside Tavern, Chameleon, Urban Artifact, Junker’s Tavern, Northside Yacht Club, and The Mockbee.  We will be raising money and awareness for Women Helping Women.

Headliners this year include Chuck Cleaver (Wussy), Eyenine x Juan Cosby, Pleasures, The Harlequins, Wonky Tonk, and many more!  Click the poster to see the full festival lineup.

AYE 2016 Additional Artist Announcements

wonky tonk

With the festival just over a month away, we’ve decided to announce another chunk of bands that will be hitting the AYE 2016 stages, including Grasshopper Juice artist Wonky Tonk.

AYE Music & Art Festival 2016 Lineup Announcements, Round Two:
Healing Trapeze, Yugennui, Bad Idols, Grace Lincoln, MVLAMBA, Golden Giant, Rhythm & Booze, The Highest Low, theWHOevers, Hence, The Terror Electric, The Jared Presley Experience, One Day Steady, Torito, DarkoTheSuper, Terrell Denson, Oldboynick, Ajoke, Devin Burgess, Lunar Thought, Tony Mataha, PXVCE, Mars The Shinobi, Chris Rivers, Current Events, Javier, Steven King, Cross Country, Andrew Would, Commercial, Sleepy Drums, The Kno Nothings, Clearance, DINGE, Comprador, TALK, Ronin, Homage – CVG, Stattinius, Yataveo, Rich Wizard, Wonky Tonk, Fycus, Toon Town, and The Z.G.s!

AYE 2016 Initial Artist Announcement


Grasshopper Juice Records is pleased to announce a large sum of bands that will be performing at this year’s Adjust Your Eyes Music & Art Festival; including headliners The Slippery Lips (pictured above), Black Signal, The Terrors, and Coconut Milk, as well as Grasshopper Juice recording artists The Harlequins, Counterfeit Money Machine, Vusive, and MC Longshot.

Complete list of announced performances:

The Slippery Lips, The Harlequins, Coconut Milk, Counterfeit Money Machine, MC Longshot, Black Signal, Fluffer, Grenades!?, The Terrors, Gran Bel Fisher, Ghost Hussy, Audley, Satyr Circle, Stallone N’ Roses, Kumasi, SquareSyntax, Super Origami, Rathero, Aytiko, Vusive, Meiosis, Juan Cosby, Mozey, JetLab, Season Ten, R!U!O!K!, Queen City Silver Stars, Algorhythmix, France vs. France, Jamwave, Intro Signal, Andrew Rudick Comedy, Mr. Pointy, Twin Limb, Moira, Fine Animal, Turtle Island, Vampire Weekend at Bernie’s, Lemon Sky, Spoken Nerd, Raised x Wolves, The High Definitions, The Cordial Sins, Communications, Chief Boldface, Beach Glass, New Moons, umin, Marc Governanti, Go Go Buffalo, mr.phylzzz, TIGER SEX, Playing To Vapors, Marcus Alan Ward, The Mobros, Infexzion, Damn the Witch Siren, Curse of Cassandra, Echo Mecca, Cavedweller, Kenny Bryant, Phillis Wayne, Fatchick, DJ Bloodbath Mcgrath, Organtica, Black Pharaoh, and Dynamite Thunderpunch.